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Whoa hey, end of the line buddy!

As of 12/31/2013 this project is end of life. The pages you see are generated from pre-compiled and modified data. Everything on this site is most likely out of date with the current version of Firefall. Please check for more information.

X5s — Sun May 31, 2015

Everything is broken and other short stories

This post comes to you after over a month of silence and in the effort to continue being as transparent as possible this news post will end up being pretty big.

Market data:
A lot of you have been contacting us about this and I think its time to come out and be honest about what we were doing. Several months ago I created a program called "FF_Mini" which was an extremely slim (used a little over 100MB of ram when pulling all the market data) version of Firefall that required no graphics card and would keep a login session alive forever (or reconnect if it got disconnected). I had previously found out that market data was accessible with only an active login session which means we could pull market data by simply tricking the Firefall servers to keep us logged in forever. About a month ago someone at Red5 deployed a patch that made it so an active game session was now required to access market data. This essentially means that the methods we used can be considered an exploit. After finding out that an active game session was now required I expected an easy fix by continuing to reverse engineer the Firefall client to a point where I could be connected to a matrix server (thus an active game session) and still keep "FF_Mini" running on our current co-location server. Unfortunately I found myself short on time with my current university classes and frustrated as the only solutions I could come up with required a graphics card to be present within the server. I know that there are other methods of hooking DirectX to "shadow" a graphics card but I am not as versed in game engine design / programming as I am in other aspect of Computer Science. In short - we need someone who is able to host a server that includes a graphics card and can do it for a reasonable price. If you can help us out than please email me or PM me.

Version two-point-O:
As stated above my expectations of how hard this semester was going to be were bad and I have found myself staying up till 3am working on programming assignments rather than dedicating that time block to TDDB 2.0. The project is still going but progress is terribly slow. Thankfully this most recent update has only broken one aspect of the addon. The API for external sites (for Firefall data, not player data) is most likely going to go live within the next week or so. It may or may not come with the new site and this all rides on how much time I have to dedicate. My weekends tend to be shot due to Geology trips where the rocks get terrible Wi-Fi.

Mah pve stats:
The current version of the addon is having issues with PvE stats; I'll require some additional time to investigate but we may only need to make changes on the web side and not the addon. I expect to have it sorted out by the weekend at the latest.

Firefall updated, wheres the new stuff?:
We should have something up within the week, keep an eye out for another news post when this is done.

X5s — Wed Oct 09, 2013

Market Data - We Meet Again

Edit 6: (09/19/13 @ 16:30 PDT) - Code from our new site was ported over to fix the re-occurring issue with resource data. The market parser is currently 15min behind while we test out this new code; it should return to normal times tomorrow after we make sure everything works.

Edit 5: The ability to link players to a market listing has been removed from the raw data we recieve via the marketplace; a secondary method is possible but requires an update to the addon.
Edit 4: The problem grows deeper - it seems that Red5 has also changed the data that can be accessed via raw queries to the marketplace. We need to investigate further as to what data fields have been removed or changed before we can move forward; another update should follow later today regarding this issue.
Edit 3: Red5 ninja added a new category that list every single item on the market and ends up being roughly 700 pages long; this is causing our puller to keep pulling pages when it should be forwarding a request to the parser to begin parsing. In other words the category is just too big and its rolling over. We will look into getting this fixed as soon as possible but currently we don't have an ETA on a fix.

Edit 2: PvP leaderboards section has now been removed; we hope to add it again as soon as Firefall relaunches their PvP content.

Edit: Fixed, it also doesn't help that the Firefall servers were down for an extended period of time. =P

Looks like our market data parser has hit another road bump. We will be looking into it within the next few hours.

X5s — Fri Sep 13, 2013

Removal of PvP Leaderboards

Due to the recent announcement: ... l.2285621/

We will be removing the PvP leaderboards from the website and will also stop recording the pvp leaderboard data. These changes will happen later today and this post will be updated when the content has been removed.

X5s — Thu Sep 12, 2013