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Hello visitor,
Today (12/31/13) we made the decision to finally retire the ThumpDump Database Project (TDDB for short). With the new year upon us, we decided to officially place this project on the shelf. While there may yet be a time when Firefall rises from the ashes, and TDDB along with it, we want to put this project behind us for now.

We have released all of our internal addon code which was used to “dump” Firefall’s database for items, monsters, events etc… Alongside this release is the release of PHP code with various uses for site administrators to begin accepting and parsing the JSON data from our addon. A skeletal MySQL database has also been released which (at the time) mapped Firefall’s database into a relational model, given the current flux of Firefall’s development this may or may not be useful for developers today. We hope that someone can pick up where we left off and continue to provide the community with what it needs despite the current state of Firefall.

Click here for TDDB code excerpts

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